BCM6348 Chips inside Inventel (DV-4210 based) Liveboxes and BT Branded HomeHubs

This site will be used to describe my attempts to modify the firmware on a couple of wireless routers that are based on the BCM6348 chip from Broadcom which has a MIPS core and runs on a Linux kernel. Both these routers are using various pieces of Open Source Software along with a lot of proprietary software.

There are a few other sites around with information regarding modifying these types of routers, as well as some sites that are devoted to a sister chip, a BCM6345, also from Broadcom. These routers also use Linux, in most instances a similar version, and a majority of the tricks work on all the routers. The sites I have visited are as follows:

OpenWrt Wireless Freedom

DarkFader's Livebox Site

Livebox on wikipedia

Skaya Wiki Broadcom 96345

Broadcom 6345 Linux Distribution

TinyGT minimal DG834GT distribution ** This Site is No Longer Available **

Stroller's Site

French Livebox Forum

The Scream Forum

To see what I have managed to do with the Inventel Wanadoo router, start here.

So far I haven't done anything to the BT HomeHub except add a JTAG Connector, build a Serial Cable and backup the flash via JTAG..

The locations for various source codes, for various BCM6348 routers, are listed at the following location. BCM6348 Sources.