Projects That Interest Me

The following projects are of interest to me and while I might not do a lot or anything with them I will document anything that I do.

BCM6348 Based ADSL Modem Routers - Inventel Livebox & Others

iPod Rockbox - my hacking bits - Rockbox Homepage - Replacement firmware for iPods

Customised ASUS firmware for ASUS Routers - Originally I used the Sky supplied Fibre modem and Sky Hub. Then I found this site which allows the use of an ASUS router on Sky. Much better and with a Tri-Band router, far better WiFi performance with far more options. Give it a try if you can.

Debian on a DNS323 - Changing the embedded firmware

Samsung Tablet/Phone Hacking - Changing the embedded firmware

Fon Sharing - Sharing your WiFi to get access to free WiFi